I have known Liz Hawkes personally for many years. She is a very creative person and quite practical. I moved into a large house a few years ago. This year I was finally ready for window treatments. There was no doubt in my mind who I would have make them if I could. My issue was, I live in Alabama and she lives in Massachusetts. But with a few frequent miles at my disposal, my drapery consultant flew to Alabama. We went on a intense two day fabric hunt and picked out fabrics I liked. She came with a design program that could show me what my new curtains would look like with any fabric installed in my house. Her measurements were carefully calculated with fabric design in mind so I would not waste fabric.

So far two rooms have been completed and I love them. Because of our geography my husband did the installing and Liz sent him great instructions. The workman ship is beautiful. The curtains are a real reflection of what I like. Liz was very good at letting me decide what I wanted and did not try to influence me to go one way or another. Or if she did I was too dense to get it ;-)

Good workmanship , complete service and integrity. You will not regret selecting "Windows by Liz"  

-- Christina D



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