We would certainly recommend Liz and Windows-By-Liz, and will most definitely use her services again. She was very accommodating, and allowed us to take our time while making decisions. She listened to what we had to say, and gave us plenty of choices, both for fabric, design, and trim. Her computer-generated photos of what the completed product would look like in our particular room were most helpful.. She was very prompt in delivering and installing the finished product, and we were very pleased with the process and end result.

-- David and Marianne

A tour of the Workroom.


After Liz had spent a couple of years working in a cramped spare bedroom, her daughters went off to college and she was able to take over the family room and turn it into a dedicated drapery workroom.


One of Liz’s favorite pieces of equipment is the padded worktable . It is 60” x 96” and has an extension that adds an additional 24” for extra long panels. Above the table hangs an industrial gravity feed iron which runs on a track and can reach all corners of the table. At one end of the table is a fabric rack with space to store 6 bolts fabric. Many of the linings we keep in stock are stored here and there is more fabric storage under the table.


The far wall is covered in a pinnable surface – useful for draping swags or making mock-ups of valances. You can also see racks and rods for dressing and storing treatments waiting for delivery. Tucked in the corner is a pneumatic stapler which is invaluable for board mounted valances and upholstery work.


Of course, a sewing machine would be the other critical piece in a drapery workroom, and Liz has several. The industrial Juki 8700 is the most used machine – a true workhorse, and we have feet for every occasion!


The US Blindstitch is a vintage machine, but it still runs like clockwork and makes short work of invisible hems on drapery panels. We can hand-hem panels if requested or if the fabric choice demands it, but we love to use the blindhemmer when we can. 


We also have a serger and we seem to collect domestic machines (currently we have five!) These are used for back-up and for specialty techniques. Along the sewing machine wall is a long counter to hold fabric when we’re at the machines. There’s also several shelves and hangers holding various supplies, tools and notions – zippers, buttons, welt cord, thread etc.



One of the tools that doesn’t get used every day - but when it does, it’s invaluable, is the button/grommet press. Metal grommets are a popular drapery heading and this machine also makes fabric covered buttons in many sizes.


Adjacent to the workroom is an office space where Liz stores all her fabric books, window treatment samples, books and files. Now her girls have graduated college and moved into their own apartments. Liz is eyeing up their rooms and considering future expansion!!


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